How To Choose The Best Craigslist Poster

21 May

rightIf you are planning to hire a Craigslist poster, then you should start with an extensive online search. It shouldn’t be just searching for craigslist posting service, it should be research. You need to know about Craigslist posting, the various kinds of services available and what types of posters are at your discretion. If you are not aware of what the market trends are, what the least expectations are or how much you should be paying for the cost to be fair, then you will not be able to choose the best Craigslist poster.

First, you must prepare a long list. This long list will contain names and details of all the craigslist posting services that are available right now. You can choose a local company or a company situated on the other coast. Everyone can find their place in the long list. Now, you should check out the websites of these companies. Any company or Craigslist poster that doesn’t have a very convincing website or doesn’t offer enough information about them, scratch them off from your long list. After doing some basic checks pertaining to business details and how they present their services through the website, you should be able to arrive at a short list. The short list should not contain more than half a dozen names. It is these half a dozen names from which you should choose your best Craigslist poster.

Second, find out everything you can about each of those names on your shortlist. Refer to online forums, social networks or social media, check out various resources you have at your disposal to read what people have to say about those companies. You should never hire a Craigslist posting service whose quality of service you cannot ascertain.

Third, check out the price, the features and the services offered. For instance, compare the price of posting twenty ads in a day and pit each of those half a dozen odd names against one another. You will have a clear winner or joint winners. Peg the price to be a constant and then check out their features and services, just to have an alternate view. Then, disregard the price and check out which one offers the most state of the art service.
Fourth, you must weigh in the pros and cons, decide which Craigslist poster suits your budget comfortably and offers the most features or services.

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Why Should You Hire A Craigslist Poster?

22 Apr

leftHiring a Craigslist posting service has become a trend. Innumerable companies hire a Craigslist poster taking care of all their activities on the popular site. Whether you are an individual or a company, you may wonder why you should hire a Craigslist posting service or a craigslist poster.

Here is a brief explanation, highlighting some reasons, so you can make a pragmatic choice.
First, you should understand what a Craigslist poster can do for you and what your Craigslist posting agendas are. Do you intend to post one ad in one month or one ad in the foreseeable future? If that is the case then you do not need any Craigslist poster. You can simply post the ad and wait for the responses, sift through them and eventually find a buyer or fail to find a buyer. However, if you have any intention to indulge in Craigslist posting often or even less frequently than often then you might want to consider hiring a Craigslist poster.

The first reason why you should invest in craigslist posting service is because you are not an expert in Craigslist posting. You should not get offended by this and if you are an expert then you really don’t need a Craigslist poster. When you hire a professional in any domain or niche, the pro can deliver much better results than any non-pro or amateur. This is how every job, every company and every industry works. Expertise counts, all the time, and it is always the recipe for success.

The second reason why you should hire a Craigslist poster is because it will save you time. Ask yourself one simple question. Is Craigslist posting your entire business? Can you spend all your working hours on Craigslist posting? If you have answered both the questions negatively then you should hire a Craigslist poster. Doing so will save you time, it will allow you to do the job you are meant to do in your working hours and you can basically outsource a part of your sales operations to a professional who would invest all of his or her time into posting ads for you and monitoring the progress.

If you wish to enjoy generous returns from Craigslist posting then you must endorse automation, professional management of your postings and a full time dedicated strategy to take care of your business agendas on the site.

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What To Expect From A Craigslist Poster

19 Jan

leftIf you have never hired a Craigslist poster before then you might be clueless about what you should be expecting from a Craigslist posting service. It is perfectly normal to be unaware and after reading this piece you shall have a very clear idea of what professional and automated post on craigslist is all about.

• The very first service you should expect is multiple Craigslist posting. You may know if you have used the site that you cannot post more than once in one category in forty eight hours. That is a rule on Craigslist. A Craigslist poster should be able to post a number of times in the same category within twenty four hours. Depending on the package you choose, a Craigslist poster may offer to post eight ads per day, ten ads or twelve ads per day. There are packages that can offer you twenty four ads in twenty four hours and more. A Craigslist poster may keep altering its IP addresses to make such Craigslist posting. There may be some more clever ways for one to do it. That doesn’t concern you. All you should be concerned about is your ads being posted repeatedly without the stringent forty eight hours limitation and your ads should not be blocked, flagged or taken down. As long as a Craigslist poster succeeds in offering you that, it is worthwhile.

• The second element or aspect of professional Craigslist posting is automation. A Craigslist poster will not be posting all ads manually. That would take a long time and there is always room for error, especially in regards to timely posting, when it is done manually. A certain level of automation is not just desirable but imperative. However, you should not expect your Craigslist poster to automate the entire process without any manual intervention. If your poster does so then you should look for someone else. The reporting, posting, monitoring can all be automated using software but there should be manual intervention at least a few times every day. This is just to ensure that everything works and goes as planned.

• The third expectation from your craigslist poster should be some expert help on the quality of the ads. From creating the ads to making an appealing presentation with the image and the description, there should be some help offered in these facets. Not every Craigslist poster does this but if you have one that does then you should go ahead and hire such a service.

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